Megatokyo Campfire Story

A mad mad mad mad world...

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Been a while since this page was updated and we are over 100 pages now in thread. Celebration~

Things continue to be worked on when people think about it I guess, some information would be helpful to continue with stuff I was working on but otherwise we are wrapping up the first round soon and I will see about starting over fresh~

Recent Edit Author's Note (8th December 09): Lifi here again. More changes; 'Supporting Characters' subcategory added to Characters page, with the (to my perspective) low-activity characters moved into it. If you believe your characters to be incompatible with the alloted subcategories, feel free to move him/her to the appropriate subcategories. I personally thought that this would be the best way to deal with the unnecessary chunking of characters... either this or these side-characters be removed from the wikispace completely - Might want to have a discussion on this sooner or later; up to you guys to see if you're fine with them removed.

update: Taro moved to 'Supporting Characters' as he isn't thought to be a main character by Ryo.

As for the overall layout of the pages, do further check the Editor's Text Editor to see what I've done, so as to maintain consistency throughout the entire wikispace.

Thank you.